When Osama Bin Laden Was Pronounced Dead, Midnight Trucking Radio Network Reported it Immediately LIVE!

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With the recent world news and disasters in the U.S., one syndicated radio program, The Midnight Trucking Radio Network has maintained a key focus:  to be on top of the world news as it happens.  The Midnight Radio Network has done this by consistently providing up to the minute news, information, and weather live, overnight with hosts Gary McNamara and Eric Harley. 

“When the big news that Osama Bin Laden was pronounced DEAD we announced it LIVE, immediately,” Eric Harley said.  “And we also made the sincere journalistic commitment of providing all night news coverage of  9-11, Katrina, tornados, hurricanes and the shuttle disaster.  The news of these world changing events are reported by our team right then, not hours later!” 

“While our competitors are talking about issues from the “Alien Nation, Midnight Trucking Radio Network is covering Our Nation Now!” said Midnight Radio Network Marketing Manager Mindy Baker. 

The show’s Katy-Award Winning Hosts, Eric Harley and Gary McNamara, together bring the show over 40 years of broadcast experience.  The Midnight Radio Network’s on-air talent, combined with strongly branded resources, enable the team to deliver a quality broadcast and maintain the highest standards in the industry. Eric and Gary engage their millions of listeners and callers with the major issues of the day including current events, legislation, popular culture, family issues, news and information, detailed national weather forecasts, safety tips and interviews with informative guests. 

Eric Harley’s career spans over two decades. He has entertained listeners all over America with his insight and humor.   His passion for radio and love for the trucking industry came together as he became part of a legendary radio program just as it was going nationwide. Eric is proud to be able to say he was there the first night The Midnight Trucking Radio Network hit the air!

Gary McNamara has been a part of talk radio since 1989.  Gary’s first radio gig was in Marshall, TX. , and he has been talking ever since to people all over the country, from his hometown of Buffalo, NY, to Portland Oregon, with stops in Rockford and Chicago, IL, until he arrived on the scene at WBAP in Dallas-Ft. Worth 2000.



“We broke at the top of the hour for network news.  Other than that, we aired the MRN coverage Of Osama Bin Laden in its entirety.  Great job!”

Dennis Lowe, AM Operations Manager, KWLO/KXEL

“We stayed with MTRN instead of going elsewhere since the guys

were live. Thought they did a fine job and was glad they were on

the air.”

Jim Horn WSBA


“I was impressed and glad that MRN was covering the Osama Bin Laden story.  It was the first I heard the news too!”
Frank Wilt, Program Director, VerStandig Broadcasting, Harrisonburg, VA


“FOX NEWS ABILENE stuck with your coverage, I thought it was excellent!”

Richard J. Doud, Doud Media Group, KFNA and KORO


“The Midnight Radio Network provided excellent coverage of this monumental event in our lifetime.”  Eric and Gary are at the top of their game.” 

Tyler Cox, Operations Manager, WBAP 820