Custom Made From Core Values

Kaiser Transport, Inc. Founder Turns Vision Into A High-End Fleet With An Impeccable Image

One man. One truck. One dream.

Todd Kaiser

Many fleets have started with a similar idea, but few have the foresight to make a business succeed. Then there are entrepreneurs like Todd Kaiser.

Todd’s interest in trucks started out in his middle teens. He had a passion for buying & selling Chevy pickups that he’d spent much of his free time tricking out. He was soon running the west coast with his friend and a used 379 Pete. He then drove dump trucks locally, and at 21 years old, started hauling cars for JATCO. Meanwhile, he started a real estate rental venture with his wife, Robbi, and used equity from that business to start Kaiser Transport, Inc. in April 1996.

Todd had a vision of a nationwide LTL step-deck trucking company that could provide the transportation needs of the machine and equipment shippers. Todd dreamed of building a company on the principles that he was raised with: hard work, dedication, fairness, honesty and trust. This foundation has been intertwined into the moral fiber of Kaiser, which has flourished and grown into a high-end freight hauler with an impeccable image across the country. Some of the most expensive freight in the country, delivered on beautiful equipment, on time, undamaged for an expensive rate, has been the focus. Kaiser Transport has generated a profit every year of its 14-year history while maintaining strong growth and holding to their core values.

For well over a decade, Todd has focused on superior service to the shippers, top of the line trucks and trailers; hiring experienced and professional drivers; having outstanding, hard working knowledgeable dispatchers and an excellent support staff at his terminals. Todd has never lost sight of the principles that he built his company on and will always provide that quality of service that his customers expect and deserve.

Kaiser Transport, Inc. takes pride in it fleet of late model, top of the line air-ride trucks. They run Peterbilt 379 and 389’s extended hood trucks, outfitted the with 18-speed transmissions as well as CAT and Cummins Engines  that provide reliable, fuel efficient, and environmentally safe power. The trucks are also equipped with a lot of extras (such as built in refrigerator, remote control CD, AM, FM radios, and air-ride seats) that provide our drivers with a safe and comfortable truck that they can take pride in driving.

The drivers choose the color of their trucks and are allowed to customize their trucks with chrome, lights and vinyl lettering. Kaiser maintains its fleet mechanically and cosmetically to provide a dependable and reliable means of freight transportation and an image that their customers and drivers deserve and expect. Kaiser replaces the equipment on a regular schedule to maintain the high quality of equipment that has become synonymous with their image.

Kaiser’s terminals are equipped with custom made “tarp spreaders” that keep the driver’s from climbing up unto the freight to open up the tarps. The tarp spreaders also keep the heavy rolled up tarps from being placed on top of the freight, which can cause damage. This special equipment is just another way that Kaiser provides the service that their customers expect and deserve. It also makes our driver’s job easier and safer – allowing them to stay on the ground to tarp the freight.

The loyalty that Todd generated is evident with the longevity of many of his employees, who are dedicated to the success of the company being a common goal. A group of Kaiser drivers have put together their own core called The  Posse , which allows professional truck drivers to come together as one to make a positive impact within the organization.  Their task is to unite drivers into a positive work ethic attitude to accomplish very difficult tasks and to move trucks and freight in a professional manner.

The Posse  works in harmony, teaches new drivers, and reinforces positive work ethics in veteran drivers.  They strive to be a successful and put a positive spirit in a company so that drivers will stay and grow.  They are also working towards better communication between drivers and management, so that issues on both sides can be addressed in a timely manner. This group is open to all drivers, which the Posse . hopes one day to have every driver, both over-the-road and local, become a member.  There are four teams currently in place within the Posse ., with each having a captain that members can go to with any problems.  This is something that everyone at Kaiser Transport, Inc. is excited about, and sees it doing great things for both drivers and management in the future.

Today, Kaiser has more than 60 trucks hauling LTL step-deck freight and double-drop freight to all 48 States and Canada. There is a terminal in Janesville, Wisconsin and Orange, California. Kaiser Transport, Inc. is still growing with  the additions of 11 new 2011 389 Pete’s with the new Cummins SCR technology.  and plans to open a new terminal in New Jersey.

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