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Pro Trucker Online is the professional truck driver's internet resource for information on all of the top headlines and issues in the trucking industry as well as access to the best CDL trucking jobs available right now. Pro Trucker is a free service to any and all drivers who have the drive to make their truck driving career their best experience on the road. We make sure that the most current and correct information is available and updated on a daily basis for the truck driving jobs listed with our site. We also make sure that you know about the trucking company you are applying with each and every time; links are posted to each truck driving company to give you direct access to their information. Don't let your trucking jobs define you; leave that to your family, friends, and faith. This is your opportunity to cherry pick the trucking job that lets you live your life and be a truck driver. Let us help you find the truck driving jobs that you've been looking for!

Why Truck Driving Jobs Are For You

The road is wide open in front of you. From where you sit, you have a bird's eye view of what lies ahead as the land stretches on before you. The engine rumbles, the trailer gives a slight tug at the back, the road is yours and it is headed towards the horizon. You can be proud because this beautiful scenery is your country to claim. Take pride that you make a living rolling your rig from one destination to the next, bringing to the stores all the goods that every American takes home with them. What called you to the truck driving lifestyle? If you are a new CDL graduate, you know what has called you into your search for truck driving jobs and you still feel the excitement. Maybe you're a road warrior veteran who needs to be reminded what it is that makes you drive... love for the road, money for your family, time to yourself? Find it again with a new trucking job that provides you with all the open freedom of the road. Find it on Pro Trucker Online.

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Being The Professional Driver

What is a professional trucker like? Certainly they are not like the images that the stereotypes and media sources portray. A professional truck driver is like any other member of the business community who conducts themselves in an easy to approach manner, always courteous to those who help them along the way, and more than willing to help others. They take their trucking jobs seriously but know how to share a laugh and relax with the best of them. Professional truckers are hardworking, dependable, and respectable. They are our parents, siblings, children, and friends. Each and every one of them deserves the best when they're on the road and with the company. Professional truckers can find their best when they apply for new truck driving jobs here!

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America's Trucking Industry

You don't have to be a member of the trucking industry long before you learn that it is constantly changing and truck driving jobs have more requirements to maintain. Technology is always being added in an effort to make lives of truck drivers roll more smoothly. Federal and state laws that affect each and every truck driver are being debated and changed every day by our government. Diesel costs seem to always be on the rise. No matter how much we depend on trucks to receive the conveniences and necessities of life, the trucking industry is not a stagnant industry. Stay a step ahead of the next incoming wave of change with the help of Pro Trucker Online. Pro Trucker magazine has informative articles from guest columnists and editors that are discussing trucking's current issues before the other media sources. Gain fast and easy access not only to the articles, discussion, and advice but also to truck driving jobs that are open with some of the best trucking companies across America.

High Paying Trucking Jobs

There are countless carriers nationwide looking for dependable drivers to accept their trucking job offers and join their company's team! These truck driving jobs are available to professional, motivated drivers and owner operators of all kinds! Pro Trucker makes it easy to search through the multiple trucking jobs listed with a very easy to use search page. The truck driver jobs are sorted by type, state, equipment, company, and even license class to make it easy for you to narrow your search for the next big step in your trucking career. When you find the truck driving jobs that you want to apply for, complete our free and secure online application to apply to them all in one easy step. All you have to do is fill out our secure online driver job application... that's it! We at Pro Trucker Online make sure that your one application is electronically forwarded to every job opening that you are interested in whether it is to one trucking company or a hundred. Most applicants receive multiple truck driving job offers within the first couple of days after submitting their application! Don't wait to fill out your application, because these trucking jobs fill up fast! Apply now!!!